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When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

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by demonbehindthesmile


Anonymous asked:

Can you write more smut imagines with Andy in a domination/submission relationship?

Anonymous asked:

Could you write an imagine in which Andy is really, REALLY dominant please? O:)

~(A/N:) I’ve mixed the two together as you both wanted the same thing really. Hope that’s…


Imagine: Imagine dancing with another guy, so Andy takes you to your hotel room, and he shows you who you belong to.

Warnings: smut, rough sex, domination

Adrenaline and alcohol pulsed through your veins as you danced on the dance floor, with whoever you wanted to. You had just had a…


Digimon Adventure

Every hero deserves a beautiful ending  


Reblog this for suicide prevention.


Reblog this for suicide prevention.


onision I’m not suicidal I’m not depressed and I’m not a cutter BUT sometimes I have a shit day and sometimes I have sad moments and your videos without fail make me smile and make me happy and laugh even the serious ones find a way to make me happy so thanks for being an awesome Banana King and thank you for being a hero I hope one day I can grow up and be awesome for a living

hobbies include: having people reblog my selfies and then going on their blog to see if they said i look cute in their tags